Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Carne Guisada

My middle girl loves carne guisada. Its almost always what she orders at Mexican Food restaurants.
So, I set out through the deep waves, surfing the internet for a good carne guisada for her. There are as many ways to make carne guisada as there are cooks and food blogs!
So, I took what sounded good from several places, combined it with what I knew her likes and dislikes were, and created my own version of carne guisada.
Whoops. Forgot something! What IS carne guisada, anyway? I hear its not such a common dish outside of Texas.
Carne guisada is literally "stewed meat." We have ran across a few places that make it from pork, but usually it is beef, and that is what my daughter likes, so this one is beef. Beef cooked in a gravy with (not too hot for her) peppers, onions and a few spices.

Here's how I made it:
In a heavy (well seasoned cast iron is best) dutch oven, in lard (yes, LARD) saute 1 onion, diced, 1/2 or so bell pepper, and 1 or 2 jalapenos, all diced. When its about done, add a couple cloves minced garlic.
Cut up about 4 pounds of round steak, and dredge it through some all-purpose flour.
Remove the onion mixture from the pot and add more lard if needed, then throw in the meat and brown it. Add "some" cumin, and 4 cups beef broth. Now put a lid on that puppy and throw him in the oven at a real low heat, around 200*, for several hours. Get it out of there and give it a good stir once in a while and check its progress. The meat will be very tender when its done.

Serve with homemade flour tortillas, (have I posted that recipe yet?)
Homesick Texan's Mexican Rice and homemade refried beans.

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