Thursday, January 15, 2009


More of a suggestion, really. Who needs a recipe for tacos? One of our favorite meals is tacos. There's just something comforting, homey, and yet festive about tacos.

There is a couple of things I do with mine that is different than the norm. I do not season the meat, unless you count salt and pepper. But the main difference is, I do not use the pre-bent, ultra crunchy tacos shells. I buy regular corn tortillas, the ones you have to bend yourself.

The beans are different at our house, too. I don't use canned refried beans. I use either dehydrated refried beans (located in the Mexican food section of our local Walmart) or I make my own.

Fry your hamburger. While its frying, either make your deydrated beans or re-heat homemade ones. (A recipe for homemade refried beans will follow soon) When everything else is ready, or being prepared by your helpers, (grated cheese, salsa, sour cream, shredded lettuce...) fry your tortillas. In a small cast iron skillet, heat about 1/2" of oil or lard. Heat it up until a small drop of water pops and splatters.

Drop a tortilla in, fry a few seconds on one side, turn over with tongs, fry a few more seconds, then bend using your tongs. Hold in the oil at the angel you want it, flip over and fry the other side of the shell for a couple seconds, and finally set upside down in a pan lined with paper towels. Immdeiatly start the next taco shell. These do not turn our real crispy, just slightly more than softened. But the taste is uncomparable to the pre-bent store bought kind.
Enjoy your tacos!

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  1. I miss tacos! But if I made them, it would only make me miss home more! Could you guys move here so that we can have tacos together? The house across the street is going up for sale! Please?