Monday, February 16, 2009

Homemade Laundry Soap

A bit of a change here. This is not food, but a way to save money! I made a batch of this over the weekend, and was very pleased with the results on my husbands' work clothes as well as on all our clothes. The soap takes all of about 5 minutes to mix up.

There are many and varied recipes online for making your own laundry soap. Some are for dry powder type, some for liquid. I prefer the dry powder, so that is what I made.

Supposedly, about any bar soap will work. I bought 2 bars of ZOTE, but I think next time I will use Ivory, simply because its carried at the store I regularly shop at, and ZOTE is not. Most people recommended zote, fels-naptha, Kirks Castile, or Ivory, but several people said they save up their left-over soap bits and use them, using whatever type soap they had on hand.

I used a food processor to quickly grate a bar of ZOTE, then used the knife blade to further pulverize the soap. The whole process too under 5 minutes.

So here's thye recipe!
to 1 cup of the pulverized soap, add:

1/2 cup washing soda {note, all the recipes called for washing soda, however washing soda was not to be found in my town, so I bought a big box of baking soda instead}


1/2 cup borax {I bought 20 mules team borax, it is in the laundry aisle.}

Use about 2 tablespoons per regular wash load.

All together these 3 ingredients cost maybe $5.00, and there is enough soda and borax left over to make many, many more batches of soap.

This is incredibly less expensive that the Tide I have been using, and so far I am very happy with the results.

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